Information On Heating Issues

29 December 2020
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The best thing you can do to prevent the need for surprise heating repairs is to have your heater serviced before you need it each year. However, if you didn't do this, or if you are still having issues anyway, then you want to know at what point you really need to have a repair person come out. This article will give you some pointers on how to recognize when you really need someone to look at your heating system. Read More 

What Factors Go Into A Heat Load Calculation

10 December 2020
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One important part of getting a new furnace is calculating the proper heat load for your home. This is one situation where sizing your appliance properly is important because bigger is not always better. Get a furnace that is too big, and you'll end up wasting energy to heat your home. Get a furnace that is too small, and it won't be powerful enough to get the job done. Here are the factors that go into calculating the heat load for a new furnace. Read More 

Why Is My AC Blowing Hot Air?

4 November 2020
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Since the main function of your home's AC unit is to send cold air throughout your home, the presence of hot air coming out of your air vents can be a cause for alarm. Fortunately, this problem can be remedied with a few minor fixes, but if the below solutions don't work, you should contact an HVAC company to schedule an AC repair as soon as possible. Even if you're moving into the colder winter months, you'll still want your AC unit operational when the temperature starts to rise again. Read More 

Situations When New AC Installation Can Be A Good Thing

2 October 2020
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A lot of homes have standard AC units that pump cool air to keep temperatures at a comfortable range. There will be situations when this home appliance should be replaced with a brand-new AC unit. The following situations in particular might call for a new AC installation. Unit Breaking Down Frequently Some AC problems aren't that major. They can be fixed pretty easily by HVAC technicians and sometimes by homeowners themselves. Read More 

Old Man Winter Is Coming: Make Sure Your Furnace Is Ready

23 September 2020
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Fall is almost here which means winter is not long behind. Because of this, there are many things you should do to your home to get ready before the cold arrives. One of these things is making sure your furnace is ready. If your furnace is getting older problems may be on the way, or it may already be having problems. Hire a professional to do furnace maintenance and repair for you even if you are the DIY type. Read More